Offshore Hotvac

HotVac is the solution for most Osmosis Problems

Do you suffer from...?

A HotVac treatment takes typically 10 days for a 30 foot boat. We remove the anxiety of waiting to know if a boat will dry out.

HotVac treats boats by:

How does it all work?

It operates by the intimate application of controlled heat under high vacuum conditions directly to the surface of the boat's hull. Under these controlled conditions all liquids are speedily vaporized and removed by rapid evaporation. Moisture and other impurities deep in the laminate are quickly brought to the surface by activated diffusion and removed.

Residues resulting from the breakdown of The polyester resin and PVA binders in the hull are abound to the composite by free glycols.

The removal of unwanted glycols ensures the removal of all osmosis contributing compounds.

Phase diagram showing the vaporization of sold or liquid materials by reducing pressure and increasing temperature.

Hull Hugging

The HotVac heaters conform intimately to the tight radii of the single chine and sharp edges of the spray rails shown on the right.

The intricacies of various hull fabrications are not a problem to HotVac. The ductile heater blankets can accommodate virtually all profiles, thus ensuring that all areas of your hull will be treated equally.

Quality Control is ensured throughout

Local heating of the treated area is electronically controlled to within plus/or minus 1 degree Celsius. and presents no environmental hazards within the work area.

Independent inspections are available at any stage of the process.

There is no better way to treat osmosis than by using HotVac.

HotVac and hull damage repair work

For high strength temperature curing of epoxy repairs to damaged hulls, HotVac can provide exactly the required controlled temperature conditions to ensure full curing of the epoxy and thereby ensure minimum loss of strength.