Offshore Consulting

Offshore Consulting has been affiliated with the Marine Industry since 1985, and specializes in Structural Fiber Glass Repairs.

When hiring a marine consultant, EXPERIENCE AND REPUTATION are paramount. This goes hand in hand with the responsibility to meet the expectations of our customers. We make every effort to accommodate our clientís needs.

Offshore Consulting, works with Boat Industry Leaders to help solve their post construction situations, including water intrusion sourcing, core saturation, laminate saturation, and recommended procedures for eliminating and removal of the water intrusion.

Our recommendations may include post construction repair and also to modify the construction schedule and procedures needed to eliminate further post construction re-occurrence.

Offshore Consulting is excited to now be offering training seminars to schools, apprentices, and boat builders by Offshore owner Herman Bolger. We have given training seminars on best repair practices to boat building shop floor personnel and also, marine engineers and architects. Content and length of seminars are customized to each individualís requirements.

If you would be interested in speaking with one of our specialists or to inquire about training sessions, please feel free to contact us at or call (519) 730-1104.